Solaris 11 – IPS Local Repository

im07t1-solaris-cloud-1-1354432 A fast and straight approach for creating local IPS repository.


The steps are basic:
1.Download the repository;
2.Concatenate the iso files;
3.Mount the iso;
4.Create the zfs dataset;
5.Create the repository;
6.Copy the repository;
7.Build the search index;
8.Set the repository;
9.Unmount the iso;

Code example:

root@sol11:~# cat sol-11_1-repo-full.iso-a sol-11_1-repo-full.iso-b > sol-11_1-repo-full.iso
root@sol11:~# mount -F hsfs sol-11_1-repo-full.iso /mnt
root@sol11:~# zfs create -o atime=off -o compression=on rpool/export/repoSolaris11
root@sol11:~# pkgrepo create /export/repoSolaris11
root@sol11:~# rsync -aPq /mnt/repo /export/repoSolaris11
root@sol11:~# pkgrepo -s /export/repoSolaris11 refresh
Initiating repository refresh.
root@sol11:~# pkg set-publisher -G '*' -M '*' -g /export/repoSolaris11/repo solaris
root@sol11:~# umount /mnt

Note – pkg set-publisher:
-G ‘*’ – Removes all existing origins for the solaris publisher.
-M ‘*’ – Removes all existing mirrors for the solaris publisher.


Again basic steps:
1.Download the incr repo /from MOS/;
2.Mount the iso;
3.Update the repository;
4.Refresh the search index;
5.Unmount the iso;

root@sol11:~$ mount -F hsfs sol-11_1_17_5_0-incr-repo.iso /mnt
root@sol11:~$ pkgrecv -s /mnt/repo -d /export/repoSolaris11 '*'
Processing packages for publisher solaris ...
Retrieving and evaluating 626 package(s)...
PROCESS                                         ITEMS    GET (MB)   SEND (MB)
Completed                                     626/626   3109/3109   7243/7243

root@sol11:~$ pkgrepo -s /export/repoSolaris11 refresh
Initiating repository refresh.
root@sol11:~$ umount /mnt


We can share the repository trough NFS or HTTP. With NFS we just need to export the repo dir, mount it on the target machine and execute: pkg set-publisher -G '*' -M '*' -g /nfs/mount/point solaris

For HTTP we need to configure the service first:

root@sol11:~$ svccfg -s application/pkg/server setprop pkg/inst_root=/export/repoSolaris11
root@sol11:~$ svccfg -s application/pkg/server setprop pkg/readonly=true
root@sol11:~$ svccfg -s application/pkg/server setprop pkg/address=
root@sol11:~$ svccfg -s application/pkg/server setprop pkg/port=65007
root@sol11:~$ svcadm refresh application/pkg/server
root@sol11:~$ svcadm enable application/pkg/server

In here we are just making the repo read only and setting the repo dir, addr, port to the appropriate values.

After that we shall enable the repo on the target machines:

root@sol11:~$ pkg set-publisher -G '*' -M '*' -g solaris



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